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Bitcoin Signals Blast Off

ETHUSD Trading Performance

Use Bitcoin Signals Blast Off To Trade The ETHUSD Currency Pair And Beat The Returns Of Even The Most Seasoned Investors


The goal of Bitcoin Signals Blast Off is to provide high probability trade signals to help subscribers accumulate wealth faster and create multiple income streams on the path to securing their financial future.



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ETHUSD Yearly Percentage Returns




Considering most professional investors are ecstatic with average yearly gains around 10%...

these results are extraordinary.


ETHUSD Profit Potential

Here is an example of starting with a modest $2000 and trading the ETHUSD trade signals for 3 years…


Extraordinary percentage gains + compound interest = HUGE profit potential

Yearly Trade Results

(Trade results are represented in R Multiples. More on this way of tracking performance below).


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To get a better understanding of what it is like as a BSBO subscriber, pay attention to the number of trades and visualize what it would be like to trade these signals.

Understanding ETHUSD Signals Performance Numbers & The Key To Long Term Profitability

I use “R Multiples” to track my performance. This method of tracking performance was created by Dr. Van Tharp, a world leader on position sizing and trading psychology.


So, what are R Multiples?


“R”, simply is a way of looking at the risk to reward ratio. When we place a trade, we also place a stop loss. Regardless of whether you look at this stop loss value in terms of money, percentage of your account or pips, this is the amount you are risking when you place a trade. 


Therefore, the amount at risk is the value of R, or 1R.  And our profit targets are Multiples of R.



Why is this important?


In order to be a profitable trader, any kind of trader, you need to make more money on winning trades than you lose on losing trades. To do this, you need to trade in a way where you have a positive risk to reward ratio.


Tracking performance in terms of “R” puts risk to reward front and center.


To give our ETHUSD trading the best possible opportunity for long term success and capture huge moves that launches our account into higher levels of profitability, we strive to have winning trades with the highest R multiple possible and use a starting target of +5R.


How To Duplicate Our ETHUSD Trades

Receive an email once a day at @ 5 PM New York Time
and follow the simple instructions.

Bitcoin Signals Blast Off signals include:

-Exactly when to place a BUY or SELL trade on the ETHUSD currency pair
-Where to place your Stop Loss and Take Profit
-Scripts for the MT4 platform to make placing the trades “drag and drop” simple

Plus, you get Trade Management instructions when appropriate:

-When to move your Stop Loss to breakeven to eliminate the risk on the trade
-When to move your Stop Loss to specific “R Multiple” levels to lock in profits
-When to manually close the trade
-Instructions for modifying the Fibonacci Tool are included to make trade management simple


Training included so you understand everything you need to do.

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